Welcome to Assabet Valley Housing Inspections

Assabet Valley Housing Inspections is a Central New England Public Housing Inspection company with over a decade of experience in HQS and UPCS unit inspections. When you work with me, I will perform thorough housing inspections to help you keep your operation running smoothly and in compliance with both State and/or Federal guidelines.

HQS and UPCS Inspections

Assabet Valley Housing Inspections can save you time, money and aggravation by providing you with personalized Housing Quality Standards (HQS) and Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) inspections that can easily be customized to meet your needs and budget.

I can track and schedule your HQS annual, initial, special and re-inspections, send all notifications, perform quality control inspections and coordinate with your staff. Inspection reports are completed in a thorough and timely manner and incorporate directives that are in your housing authority administrative plan. Documentation is also provided for efforts to bring failed units into compliance with re-inspections to ensure that all repair work has been completed.

UPCS unit inspections include inspecting 100% of a property’s units, all common areas, building exterior, building systems, and site. Individual unit reports can be placed in tenant files. This is also an effective way to give the property manager a complete property inspection in preparation of an upcoming HUD REAC inspection.

Pre-REAC Inspections

Improve your physical inspection REAC scores 

The objective of a Pre-REAC inspection should not be to find as many defects as possible and then fix them all, but rather prioritize the defects that will have the biggest impact on your REAC score. This strategy will help you achieve the highest possible score by utilizing your resources in the most efficient and most cost-effective way.

I will come to your property at least a month in advance of your scheduled REAC visit and pre-inspect it according to UPCS protocol, using the same approach that the REAC inspector will use. It is recommended that prior to the REAC inspection date, a 100% inspection of the property should be completed. This would include all 5 inspectable areas: the site, all building exteriors, all building systems, all common areas and all units.

When the inspection is completed, your inspection report will include anticipated detailed REAC scoring, the exact location of observed deficiencies with notes and photos, an excel spreadsheet, and REAC scoring analysis. This will allow you to focus your REAC preparation on the highest REAC point losses first.

“Preparing for Pre-REAC Inspections” (edited web page)

“Preparing for Pre-REAC Inspections” (Original .pdf from www.hud.gov)

Annual Residential Unit Inspections

Annual unit inspections are done with the intention of looking for issues or damage to the property that the tenant is responsible for while also checking for issues that are the responsibility of maintenance. My unbiased inspections will document tenant damage as well as deficiencies and/or conditions that can cause a unit to be non-compliant with State and/ or Federal regulations.

The reports are designed to be easy to read and are completed in a timely manner, and will include a tenant signature whenever possible. At risk conditions such as inoperable or missing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are reported to you immediately. Each unit is inspected thoroughly and professionally with detailed documentation for work orders. This will save your maintenance staff time and allow them to address their other duties more efficiently.

** Home Purchase and Insurance Claim Inspections are not offered at this time