In 2019 HUD started the building of a new inspection model. National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate. (NSPIRE).

The goal is to “Protect the health of residents by addressing lead-based paint and other health and safety hazards in housing” It will prioritize health, safety, and functional defects over those about appearance, and will focus on the areas that impact residents.

NSPIRE includes more objective standards, value added inspection protocols and scoring elements that are less complex. The inspectors will also spend more time in units to better identify substandard properties. Hud is hoping to have NSPIRE fully in place within two years.

HUD started the transition in 2019 with only a two week notice for all REAC inspections. This change is just the beginning. Now is the time to prepare.

To monitor the NSPIRE model as it is being developed:

For updated NSPIRE Standards click the link below and then select the standard that you would like more information about: